Istorage Diskashur Pro2 256-bit

1TB Grå

Ultra-secure, super speed USB 3.1,PIN authenticated

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  • 5011028426
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  • IS-DAP2-256-1000-C-G

Raske fakta

1 TB
USB 3.1
Ekstern harddisk


  • USB 3.1 Encrypted Portable Hard Drive
  • Capacities up to 2TB*
  • Designed to be certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3, NCSC CPA, Common Criteria and NLNCSA
  • XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption – no software required
  • OS & Platform independent
  • Employs EDGE* Technology


Protecting You Always with Advanced Data Security
The diskAshur PRO2 is an easy to use, ultra-secure, hardware encrypted portable hard drive with capacities of up to 2TB. Simply connect the integrated USB 3.1 cable to any computer and enter a 7-15 digit PIN, if the correct PIN is entered, all data stored on the drive will be decrypted and accessible. To lock the drive and encrypt all data, simply eject the diskAshur PRO2 from the host computer and the entire contents of the drive will be encrypted (full disk encryption) using military grade AES 256-bit hardware encryption (XTS mode).
If the drive is lost or stolen and an incorrect PIN is entered 15 consecutive times, the drive will reset, the encryption key will be deleted and all data previously stored on the drive will be lost forever.

Main Features
  • Common Criteria EAL4+ ready on-board secure microprocessor
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3, NCSC CPA (foundation level),Common Criteria & NLNCSA - Certifications all pending
  • Real-time military grade AES 256-bit XTS Full-Disk Hardware Encryption
  • No software or drivers required - 100% Hardware Encryption
  • FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm Read-Only (Write Protect) & Read/Write modes
  • PINs and encryption keys are always encrypted while at rest
  • PIN authenticated - Supports Admin and User Independent PINs 7-15 digits in length
  • Brute Force Hack Defence Mechanism Self Destruct Feature
  • Tamper Proof and Tamper Evident Design Drive Reset Feature for easy redeployment
  • Immune to BadUSB
  • Super Speed USB 3.1 with integrated cable
  • Water & Dust Resistant - IP 56 certified Unattended Auto-Lock feature
  • Epoxy coated wear resistant keypad No admin rights needed
  • No speed degradation - as fast as any non-encrypted USB 3.1 HDD
  • OS & Platform Independent - Works on any device with a USB port
  • Desk Lock Slot All components covered with a layer of super tough epoxy resin


Produsent iStorage
Produktserie iStorage diskAshur Pro
Pakket mengde 1
Kapasitet 1 TB
Type Harddisk
Grensesnitt USB 3.1
Harddisktype Ekstern harddisk
Eksternstasjonstype Bærbar
Features Vannbestandig, Maskinvarekryptering, Støvsikker, Automatisk lås, Nullstille stasjon, Wear Resistant Keypad, LED-statusindikator, Inngrepssikker, PIN-kodeverifisering, Read Only Mode, Alpha numeric keypad, EDGE (Enhanced Dual Generating Encryption), Brute Force Hack Defence, Self Destruct, Tamper Evident Design
Strømkilde USB-buss
Farge Grå
Tilpassede standarder FCC, RoHS, WEEE, IEC 60529 IP56, FIPS 197, NCSC CPA
Medfølgende kabler 1 x USB 3.0-kabel - integrert
Krypteringsalgoritme FIPS 140-2 Level 3, 256-bit AES-XTS
Størrelser og vekt
Bredde 84 mm
Dybde 124 mm
Høyde 20 mm
Vekt 225 g
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Service og støtte Begrenset garanti - 2 år