Axis T91A47 Pole Mount

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Ease of installation

AXIS T91A47 Pole Mount is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is available in two versions, one with steel straps for poles between 60-110 mm (2.4 in-4.3 in) in diameter and one with steel straps for poles between 110-400 mm (4.3 in-15.7 in) in diameter.

AXIS T91A47 is tightened with two stainless steel straps that secure the installation. A Mounting Tool for pole bracket straps is required (not included). The network cable can enter either from behind or from the side of the mount. When installing an Axis fixed dome camera, there is no need for additional accessories like pendant kits; AXIS T91A47 fits the back side of the camera to ensure a cost efficient solution.


Produsent Axis Communications
Produkttype Monteringssett for kamera
Produktserie AXIS
Modell T91A47
Pakket mengde 1
Plassering / montering Stangmonterbar
Kategori og tilbehør Monteringsutstyr, Kameratilbehør
Egenskaper Stangstropp