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Brodit Active Holder With Cigg-Plug - 521945

695 kr
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  • 521945


Active holder with USB-cable

With cig-plug adapter. With tilt swivel.

The active holder charges your Galaxy A5 (2017) when it is in the holder. You can choose to connect the cig-plug to the car's 12 Volt socket, or to remove the cig-plug adapter and connect the USB cable to the car's (or stereo's) USB connector.

The holder is attached onto a tilt swivel and can be adjusted in order to avoid light reflection. 12 Volt. Attach the holder onto a ProClip Mounting Platform in your car.

Important note!
In order to be able to transmit audio files from your device through the USB-cable, this feature must be supported by the stereo in your car. You can easily test if this works by connecting your device to the stereo with the USB/charging cable that comes with your device. Charging through USB works regardless.

Dimensions: 70 x 95 x 47 mm (W x H x D mm)
Weight: 111 g
Cable length (+connector with plug 85 mm): 145 cm

Item no 521945 fits:

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)


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