HP Universal Adhesive Vinyl

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Meet your day-to-day production needs with this versatile, easy-to-use adhesive vinyl. Enjoy quick post-print processing for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Produce quality color for your day-to-day production needs.
Eye-catching displays - with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive - are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Designed for a variety of applications and finishing techniques, HP Universal Adhesive Vinyl is a highly versatile media compatible with a variety of laminates to meet a wide range of application needs.
Gain efficiency. ICC profiles help you get the color you need quickly. Fast dry time helps keep your workflow moving.


Produsent HP
Utskriftsteknologi Ink-jet
Medievekt 290 g/m2
Medietype Selvklebende matt vinyl
Inkludert antall 1 ark
Mediestørrelse Rull (91,4 cm x 20 m)