Startech Micro-USB Extension Cable

Micro-USB type B Hann Micro-USB Type B Hunn Svart USB / USB 2.0 0.5m

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Extend the reach of your Micro-USB cable by 20-inches. This male-to-female cable extends the reach of the Micro-USB port on your tablet or phone by 20 inches and is compatible with both OTG (USB On-The-Go) and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) adapters.
Plus, the cable offers an easy way for you to connect your tablet to an Android docking station which means you can listen to music and charge your tablet using your phone dock.
The extra length the cable enables you to position USB 2.0 peripheral devices as needed. Simply connect the extension cable to your phone or tablet and plug your OTG or MHL adapter into the cable.
With an additional 20 inches, you have extra room for placing your USB OTG capable devices in a way that best suits your needs. You can place your thumb drive out of the way, or position devices such as your keyboard or mouse more comfortably.
When connecting an MHL adapter or a Micro-USB charge-and-sync cable it can provide the extra length you need for connecting to an HDMI or Micro-USB cable that's just out of reach.
This 20 in. extension cable also enables you to connect your Micro USB-enabled tablet to an Android dock. By connecting the female connector to the dock and the male connector to your tablet, you can play music and charge your tablet using a phone docking station that your tablet wouldn't normally be able to connect to.


Kontakttype venstre Micro-USB type B
Type for venstrekontakt Hann
Kontakttype høyre Micro-USB Type B
Type for høyrekontakt Hunn
Tilpassede standarder USB / USB 2.0
Kabeltype USB-forlengelseskabel
Teknologi Skjermet
Farge Svart
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Lengde 0.5 m
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