HP Notebook Privacy Screen


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  • 5010973944
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  • W7C36AA

Raske fakta

Diverse / Størrelseskompatibilitet med visningsskjerm


  • Prevent others from eavesdropping via tiny vertical "blinds" on the screen cover's surface
  • Block the glare from your notebook screen and reduce eye strain
  • Slide on and off as necessary with the handy tabs or attach with adhesive strips
  • Take it everywhere - it's lightweight and portable


The data on your notebook PC is nobody's business but your own. Protect your business and personal information from prying eyes on the job, on the road, and in public spaces with this Notebook Privacy Screen.
This plastic cover narrows your screen's viewing angle so that your files are only viewable directly in front of it, at up to 45 degrees from the center of the screen. People looking at your screen from the side will see only a dark, unclear screen.


Produsent HP
Produkttype Notebookpersonvernsfilter
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Service og støtte 1 års garanti
Diverse / Størrelseskompatibilitet med visningsskjerm 12"
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Yttermål Bredde 29.5 cm
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