Garmin dezlCam LMT-D


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GPS-system / GPS-funksjoner /- tjenester
Lane Assistant, Point Of Interest (POI)
GPS-system / Anbefalt bruk
For kjøretøy
Innebygd display / Diagnonal størrelse


  • All-in-one 6.0-inch trucking navigator with premium navigation features and a built-in dash cam that serves as an eyewitness on the road
  • Customised truck routing for the size and weight of your truck
  • Road warnings for bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves, steep gradients and more


Every time you hit the road, your livelihood is at stake. That's why you need more than just help with directions. dēzlCam's built-in dash cam will capture and save footage of any collision, which can make all the difference when fault is being determined. The magnetic mount lets you easily secure or remove dēzlCam from your truck. The adjustable swivel lens mounted on your windshield or dashboard gives you the optimal view of the road for recording. A large, 6.0-inch glass screen with pinch to zoom, dēzlCam is essential equipment for truckers, pure and simple.
As soon as you start driving, dēzlCam automatically records continuous HD video. In the event of a collision, the Incident Detection (G-sensor) automatically saves footage on impact. Or, you can manually save footage with the touch of a button. The unit can also easily be removed from its magnetic mount, allowing you to take close-up pictures of any collision damage with the Snapshot feature. Optional GPS overlay provides location, speed, date and time to precisely record when and where an incident occurred. Play back video footage right on dēzlCam's large 6.0-inch display.
dēzlCam has detailed maps for Europe that also include truck-related restrictions - like bridge heights, sharp curves, weight limits and more - and related information for most major roads and highways.


Produsent Garmin
Drifttid (opptil) 0.5 time(r)
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Yttermål Bredde 18.3 cm
Yttermål dybde 3.3 cm
Yttermål Høyde 9.4 cm
Vekt 0.3192 kg
Innebygd display / Diagnonal størrelse 6"
Innebygd display / Bildeoppløsning 800 x 480
Innebygd display / Berøringsskjerm Ja
GPS-system / Konnektivitet USB, Bluetooth
GPS-system / GPS-funksjoner /- tjenester Lane Assistant, Point Of Interest (POI)
GPS-system / Anbefalt bruk For kjøretøy
GPS-system / Traffikktjenester Digital 3D Traffic
GPS-system / Type GPS-mottaker