Sandberg USB To Sound Link Lydkort

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The Sandberg USB to Sound Link is a compact external USB sound card with connectors for both speakers and microphone. It allows you, for example, to connect an ordinary headset to your computer via a USB port without you having to disconnect any sound equipment already connected to the computer. This completely removes the need for complicated internal installations and gives you the freedom to move your external sound card around, for example between your desktop and laptop computers.


Produsent Sandberg
Antall pakker 1
Merke Sandberg
Produktserie Sandberg USB to Sound Link
Graphics & Audio
Audio Output / Compliant Standards DirectSound3D, DirectMusic, Sound Blaster 16, A3D
System requirements
Software / System Requirements / Software Driver
General / Interface Type USB
Lydutgang / Type Lydkort
Enhetstype Sound card
Formfaktor External
Audio Output / Sound Output Mode Stereo
Støtte for operativsystem Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows XP
System Requirements Details Pentium
Ekspansjon / Tilkoplinger
Tilkoblinger 1 x microphone - mini-phone 3.5mm ¦ 1 x headphones - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Lydutgang / Formfaktor Ekstern
Lydutgang / Grensesnittype USB
Lydutgang / Lydmodus Stereo