Vivolink Pro HDMI cable

19 pin HDMI Type A Hann 19 pin HDMI Type A Hann Svart 7.5m

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1. high flexiblility

In the market, the HDMI cable of 10m, 15m and 20m is usually hard. If connecting with display, sometimes it is difficulty, even impossible for small size display because of very limited space.

Secondly, if cable going through complicated condiction, flexible HDMI cable is ideal and easy for installation, especially conditions requiring a lot of small radius bending (such as going through wall.). Hard HDMI cable can't do it.

2. heavy duty

In the market, 1-7.5m, even 10-12m HDMI cable is usually made of 30AWG. 10-15 of 28AWG, 20m of 26AWG. This reaches the max. distance that the cable can work. If simply connecting between blueray player and TV, it works. But after a certain time, say 1 or 2 years, the cable is possible out of work (there is more and more signal loss with time going on because of oxegenation of copper inner condcutor).

It is possible that this cable doesn't work at all in professional application. For example, in connecting with some kind of projector without built-in amplifer, this cable doesn't work at all. (all the TV has a built-in amplifer. But some of projectors don't have.)

In professional application, it is much more complicated system and always require heavy duty cable, especially at the beginning from audiovisual source. Heavy duty HDMI cable can make sure strong signal from audiovisual source to the following electronics devices. This is a key to a complicated system. Almost all of our clients in Pro wants heavy duty cable. But in the market, the HDMI cable is usually not heavy duty.

Taking our 10m HDMI cable as example, our test standard is as " blueray player + 3m 30AWG HDMI cable + HDMI adaptor F-F + 10m HDMI cable + HDMI adaptor F-F + 3m 30AWG HDMI cable + TV" , the resolution must be 1920*1080P@60Hz. Therefore, our 10m HDMI cable has strong spare ability and can always make sure strong signal.

Taking our 26AWG 5m HDMI cable heavy duty as another example. In the market, almost all of 5m HDMI cable is made of 30AWG, and doesn't work or has poor performance in Pro application. The professional user is usually difficult to find heavy duty 5m HDMI cable, and they will be happy once using our 5m heavy duty HDMI cable.


Produsent VivoLink
Farge Svart
Pakket mengde 1
Type venstrekontakt 19 pin HDMI Type A
Venstrekontaktkjønn Hann
Kontakttype høyre 19 pin HDMI Type A
Kjønn høyre kontakt Hann
Lengde 7.5 m
AV-kabeltype HDMI med Ethernet-kabel
Antall venstrekontakter 1
Antall kontakter høyre 1
Kappemateriale Ultrafleksibel PVC
Platekontakt Gull
Teknologiegenskaper HDMI CEC-støtte (Consumer Electronics Control), Pure Copper-ledere
Tilleggsfunksjoner HDCP-samsvar, Dreneringstråd, Flettet
Service og støtte
Type 12 års garanti