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Epson Papir Premium Semimatt Photo 610mm x 30m (24") 260g

1 545 kr
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  • 5010885569
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  • C13S042150


Epson Premium Semimatte Photo Paper 260 gsm offers professional photographers and graphic artists an additional option in resin coated photographic paper. Highly saturated, high resolution images can now be displayed on an elegant, understated semimatte finish that minimises glare while maximising presentation quality.Its 254 µm thickness and extremely wide colour gamut will make this paper a favourite among discerning professionals, while its instant drying and non-cockling characteristics make use, handling and display of finished output trouble-free. It creates highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and a high D-Max for true photgraphic reproductions.Like all of Epson's innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and colour saturation possible. As always, Epson supplies guarantee Epson quality.


Produsent Epson
Antall pakker 1
Farge Hvit
Papirstørrelse 24" (610mm) Rulle
Paper type Photo Paper
Utskriftsteknologi Ink-jet
Medievekt 260 g/m2
Punched/Unpunched Unpunched
Medietype Halvmatt fotopapir
Mediestørrelse Rull A1 (61.0 cm x 30.5 m)
Svenskt Arkiv Nei