Wacom Bamboo Spark with Tablet Sleeve

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Wacom Technology


  • Allows to capture handwritten notes on any paper and save them on your smartphone for light editing and sharing
  • Works seamlessly with cloud-based services
  • Allows you to share your notes easily
  • Provides space to carry your smartphone, business cards or extra paper
  • Features a flexible sleeve to hold your tablet


Smart folio with tablet sleeve
A smart folio with a flexible sleeve to hold a tablet with up to a 9.7 in (diagonal) display.

Bamboo™ Spark
Take notes. Make ideas. From paper, to cloud, to life.
The Bamboo Spark is a smart folio with a smart ballpoint pen, and a spot for your favorite paper. Write by hand. Press a button and save your handwritten notes digitally. Move them to the Bamboo Spark app or Wacom Cloud for editing, archiving, sharing and accessing anywhere.

Your notes on your paper with a premium ballpoint smart pen

Write on your favorite paper with the Bamboo Spark smart pen and the pressure sensitive pad will store each stroke. Press a button and your notes are saved digitally. You can save up to 100 pages in the internal memory of Bamboo Spark and sync later. Turn on Bluetooth® Smart technology on your iOS or Android device to sync your notes within the Bamboo Spark app. Move them to the Wacom Cloud for access anywhere. Edit them in the Bamboo Spark app or in the Bamboo Paper app with Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL) technology.

An Ecosystem Built to Make Ideas Happen

Your digital notes are captured using WILL, which allows ink to live digitally within Bamboo Spark app, Bamboo Paper app and the Wacom Cloud. That means you can make changes to strokes on any device with the Bamboo Spark or Bamboo Paper apps. While you’re shaping your notes and ideas, save them to the Wacom Cloud where you can archive and access them on most devices with Internet connectivity.

Notes Your Way

When you’re ready, export the files in a JPG or PDF format to be saved in your preferred cloud service, such as Evernote or Dropbox. Access your notes across devices with an Internet connection.


Produsent Wacom Technology
Nettbrettkompatibilitet 9.7 in
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