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HP High Performance Secure EIO Hard Disk

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Help protect data stored on your internal HP hard disk with a cryptographic solution that secures information while maintaining printer or MFP throughput and performance. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) reduces the risk of stolen data or lost productivity and helps provide assurance that your information is safe. AES technology ensures that the printer hard drive data is not accessible if removed from the device.Don't let human error jeopardize your information assets - the HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disks help prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. With HP's automatic key provisioning, you can be sure that the minute you insert your new hard disk and power up, encryption is enabled. The process is easy, and you eliminate the possibility of any mistakes during the installation process.Protecting information on your current HP device doesn't have to be complicated - simply upgrade your current HP printer or MFP with a secure, encrypted hard disk that you can install yourself. Easily install the HP High-Performance Secure Hard Disk into your HP printer or MFP internally and preserve your EIO slot for extended capabilities, including wireless options and third-party solutions. With the HP High-Performance Secure EIO Hard Disk, you can avoid the internal installation process and simply insert it into your HP device's EIO slot. The HP lock adapter, included in the box, deters access to the EIO hard disk by allowing you to secure the disk with a separate Kensington-style lock.


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