Lenovo Thinkplus 3 Years Mail-In/Cci Service

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Under customer Carry-In service, your product will be repaired or exchanged at a designated service center, with delivery or shipping arranged by you. You are responsible to deliver or mail, as your service provider specifies, the product, suitably packaged to a designated location. After the product has been repaired or exchanged, it will be made available for your collection. Failure to collect the product may result in your service provider disposing of the product as it sees fit.

All Lenovo warranties include phone access to customer support and full coverage on labor, parts and system repair for all manufacturer defects or common-use issues that arise with your Lenovo Product. If an issue cannot be resolved by phone, with Lenovo’s Mail-In Service, customer’s are responsible for shipment of their PC (including packaging) to a designated service center. After the product has been repaired or exchanged, Lenovo will return your PC to you at our expense, unless the Service Provider specifies otherwise.


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