Belkin Pro Series Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Device Cable

USB typ A Hann USB Type B Hann Svart USB / USB 2.0 3m

345 kr
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  • 5010785091
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  • CU1000CP3M

Raske fakta

Kontakttype venstre
USB typ A
Type for venstrekontakt
Kontakttype høyre
USB Type B
Type for høyrekontakt
Tilpassede standarder
USB / USB 2.0
3 m


  • Extends an existing USB device cable
  • Easy grip connectors allow easier installation even in tight places
  • Ground indents retain perfect fit with connectors
  • Braid-and-foil shield reduces EMI/RFI
  • Molded-strain relief - bends easily for durability and fit
  • Copper-foil inner-shield reduces cross talk and interference
  • Heavy-gauge power wires for longer lengths


The Pro Series USB Extension Cable extends an existing USB device cable. Belkin Pro Series cables provide excellent conductivity from USB-ready PCs and Macintosh computers to your USB peripheral devices.


Generell informasjon
Lengde 3 m
Farge Svart
Kontakt(er) Side A
USB 2.0-kontakt type A, hann 1 stk
Kontakt(er) Side B
USB 2.0-kontakt Type B, hann 1 stk