Kingston SSDNow KC380

60GB 1.8" SATA-600

695 kr
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  • 5010762282
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  • SKC380S3/60G

Raske fakta

60 GB
Intern datahastighet
550 MBps
Intern datahastighet (skriv)
520 MBps
Harddisk / Harddisktype
Intern harddisk


  • Fast - dramatic performance increase for any system upgrade
  • Endurance - data integrity protection featuring DuraClass technology
  • Durable - DuraWrite optimizes writes to extend endurance
  • Multiple capacities the right capacity to meet your storage needs
  • Supports SMART - monitors the status of your drive
  • Supports TRIM - maintains maximum performance on compatible operating systems


Kingston's KC380 SSDNow solid-state drive features a small case form factor that fits in notebooks, sub-notebooks, tablet PCs and netbooks with a smaller physical device storage footprint. Lighter than a traditional hard drive, it lets users take advantage of the durability, reliability and performance improvements of Flash memory in systems currently using 1.8" hard drives and is the ultimate hard drive replacement.KC380 consumes less power and generates less heat than a traditional HDD - at a fraction of the cost of a new system. It offers advanced data integrity protection and a SandForce second-generation SSD processor with DuraClass technology. DuraClass features include DuraWrite and advanced wear-leveling to extend the life of the drive and garbage collection and over-provisioning for consistent performance and a longer life for your SSD and your data.


Tommestørrelse 1,8 "
Harddisktype Solid-state / SSD
Lagringskapasitet 60 GB
Flashminnetype MLC
Formfaktor Intern
Grensesnitt micro SATA 1.8"
Random Read 4KB 14000
Random Write 4KB 77000
Generell informasjon
Dimensjoner (W x H x D) 54 mm x 5 mm x 78,5 mm
Vekt 27,4 g
Garantitid 3 år