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  • M5A97 EVO R2.0

Raske fakta

AMD 970
Hovedkort / Produktformfaktor


  • Digital power design
  • Herald the arrival of a digital power design era
  • The ultimate turbo processor
  • Energy efficiency all around
  • Auto system level up
  • Flexible and easy BIOS interface
  • One-stop access to ASUS features


  • SATA 6 Gbps support
  • Double USB access, double convenience
  • GreenASUS and ErP ready


The dual intelligent processors from ASUS pioneered the use of two onboard chips - EPU (Energy Processing Unit) and TPU (TurboV Processing Unit). The next generation of dual intelligent processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM provides precise Vcore PWM, integrated graphics voltages and frequency module adjustments with minimal power loss through BIOS tuning and an exclusive user interface to increase the board's overclocking range while performance reaches its full potential. ASUS DIGI+ VRM digital power design empowers users with superior flexibility and perfect precision to ensure optimized performance, extreme system stability and greater power efficiency.VRM, or voltage regulator modules, is considered among the most essential motherboard design components. They supply the voltage demanded by the CPU, and a good VRM must intelligently detect actual CPU power draw to provide precise power accordingly. ASUS DIGI+ VRM features a digital programmable microprocessor onboard to perfectly match digital power signal (SVID) requests from the CPU, eliminating digital-to-analog conversion lag. The precise power delivery minimizes power transfer loss to provide highest power efficiency, greater performance, and rock solid stability with the most flexible power adjustment than traditional analog power design.


Formfaktor ATX
Strømtilkobling ATX12V (24-pin + 8-pin)
Prosessorplasser 1 stk
Prosessorsocket AM3+
Prosessor Phenom FX
Chipset AMD 970
SLI-støtte Nei
Crossfire-støtte Ja
Minnehastighet 1066 MHz, 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz
Minnetype DDR3
Minneplasser 4 stk
Maksimalt minne 32 GB
Interne tilkoblinger
USB 2.0 3 stk
USB 3.0 1 stk
SATA 6 Gbit/s kanaler 6 stk
PCI Express x16-tilkobling 2 stk
PCI Express x1-tilkobling 2 stk
PCI-tilkobling 2 stk
FireWire 6-pin-tilkobling 1 stk
S/PDIF-tilkobling 1 stk
Seriell-tilkobling 1 stk
Eksterne tilkoblinger
RJ-45-tilkobling 1 stk
USB 2.0-tilkobling 8 stk
USB 3.0-tilkobling 2 stk
e-SATA-tilkobling 2 stk
PS/2-tilkobling 1 stk
FireWire 6-pin-tilkobling 1 stk
3,5 mm-lydtilkobling, ut 4 stk
3,5 mm-lydtilkobling, inn 2 stk
S/PDIF TOSLINK-tilkobling, ut 1 stk
RAID-nivåer RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10
Integrert lydkort
Lydkrets Realtek ALC892
Lydkanaler 7.1
Trådbundet LAN Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
Generell informasjon
Kompatibilitet For fullstendig CPU- og minnekompatibilitet, vennligst se produsentens hjemmeside.
Garantitid 3 år