Fujifilm Fujinon XF 35/1,4 R

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  • XF35mmF1.4 R

Raske fakta

Fujinon XF
Objektivsystem / Type
Min. brennvidde
35 mm
Maks brennvidde
35 mm


  • Using a glass-molded aspheric lens at the 5th element minimizes spherical aberration
  • Achieving beautiful bokeh in out-of-focus areas as well as excellent in-focus reproduction to create a natural sense of depth according to the aperture setting and the subject
  • The 35mm (135 equivalent: 53mm) lens has a standard focal length with the angle of view similar to that of the human eye
  • With the bright maximum aperture, the lens is ideal for snapshots


The Fujinon XF Lens series promises enhanced resolution and light volume in image edge areas as well as reduced chromatic aberration for exceptional image quality. Featuring an all-glass aspherical lens and other elements, the lens is polished to perfection and treated with super EBC coating. Holding the high-quality metal barrel and operating the precision-machined 1/3-step aperture ring is a sensation that fires the desire to capture every scene.


Objektivtype Standard
Objektivfattning Fujifilm X Mount
Zoom og fokus
Zoom Nei
Autofokus Ja
Minste fokuseringsavstand 280 mm
Minimal brennvidde 35 mm
Maksimal brennvidde 35 mm
Maksimal blender 1,4 f/
Minimal blender 16 f/
Filterdiameter 52 mm
Linsedeksel inkludert Ja
Konstruksjon (linser/grupper)
Antall linser 8 stk
Antall grupper 6 stk
Generell informasjon
Dimensjoner (H x B x D) 65 mm x 54,9 mm
Vekt 187 g
Garantitid 1 år