HP Blekk Grå No.761 - T7100

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  • CM995A

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  • Produce crisp, accurate, cost-effective drawings
  • Impress with high-quality color presentations
  • Provide low-maintenance, high-productivity printing
  • With original HP inks, you get a unique combination of quality, resilience, and versatility
  • See consistently crisp, clear, accurate lines and vivid color - even true neutral grays - in fast-drying, smudge-resistant prints
  • Avoid the trial and error that costs you time with the trouble-free printing of original HP supplies
  • Designed and tested with the printer to provide consistent results


  • Alerts that let you know when ink cartridges need replacement and high-volume ink cartridges keep interruptions to a minimum


Produce crisp, accurate, cost-effective drawings. Impress with high-quality color presentations. HP supplies and original HP inks provide low-maintenance, high-productivity printing. So you can print with ease and deliver with confidence.


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