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3M PF10.1W

10.1" 16:9

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  • Artikkelnr.
  • 5010485032
  • Prod. art. nr.
  • PF10.1W

Raske fakta

Diverse / Størrelseskompatibilitet med visningsskjerm
Monitorfilter / Sideforhold


  • Fits widescreen notebook computers with a diagonally measured 10.1" viewing screen
  • Helps keep confidential and private information safe
  • Utilizes 3M's microlouver privacy technology so only persons directly in front of the monitor can see the image on screen
  • Provides 1.5 times more effective privacy than competitive filters
  • Provides more consistent quality and uniform appearance, thus reducing visual distractions
  • Users experience clearer, crisper images on-screen than with competitive filters
  • Reversible for either glossy or matte screen finish; reduces glare when used with the matte side facing you


  • Helps to protect your LCD panel from scratches and abrasions
  • Easy on easy off attachment system


Your netbook computer holds extremely valuable, confidential information. When you're out of the office, you need the flexibility to work in multiple locations - airports, in-flight, cafes - without compromising the security of that information. Safe safeguard your professional relationships and your firm's data by using the 3M Netbook Privacy Filter. Ideal for the mobile professional who wants to maintain high standards, personal productivity, and a professional look - wherever work happens.


Skjermstørrelse 10,1 "
Bildeformat 16:9
Garantitid 1 år