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Micromemory SDRAM

0.5GB 133MHz SDRAM Ikke-ECC

295 kr
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  • Frakt fra: 99 kr
  • Artikkelnr.
  • 5010218427
  • Prod. art. nr.
  • MMG1180/512


To sell a computer today is not very difficult. But to give the user a total experience that the computer he has bought is actually working as expected is often a whole different matter. For how much can you expect from an incredibly powerful processor in a computer when the "opening" to the processor is still just designed to deliver half the data power which the machine is actually able to deliver. This is truly increased efficiency: with a MicroMemory module you get much shorter waiting times, a better work flow and a general satisfaction with fast updates on your screen, preventing you from loosing concentration. This should be a good investment - for everybody.This memory is designed for the following systems:Mitac MiNote 7068T;Mitac MiNote 7170;Mitac MiNote 7521;Mitac MiNote 7521+;Mitac MiNote 7521C;Mitac MiNote 7521P;Mitac MiNote 7521P/T;Mitac MiNote 7521T;Mitac MiNote 8170;Mitac MiNote M762;Acer Aspire 1200 Series;Acer Aspire 1300 Series;Acer Aspire 1400 (SDRAM) 1400XV/1400XC/1400LC;Acer Travelmate 220, 222, 223, 225 Series;Acer Travelmate 260, 261 Series;Acer Travelmate 360, 361, 364 Series;Acer Travelmate 620, 621, 623 Series;Acer Travelmate 740, 741, 744 Series;Acer Travelmate ALPHA550 Series;Brother Laser Printer HL2700CN.


Total RAM-kapasitet 0.5 GB
Minnemoduler 1
Minnehastighet 133 MHz
RAM-teknologi SDRAM
Produktformfaktor SO-DIMM 144-PIN
Dataintegritetskontroll Ikke-ECC
Artikkelnummer tilsvarende OEM-nummer Acer 91.42R29.001
Minnespesifikasjonkrav PC133
Oppgraderingstype Systemspesifikk
Service og støtte
Service & support 7 års garanti