Multibrackets M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III

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The range of M universal projector mount is made to fit most projectors on the market. The keys to the success have been the basic idea to deliver highest quality projector mounts that is easy to mount and that withholds daily use. Flexible solutions at a fraction of the competitors cost.When mounted to the ceiling the M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III is a classic projector bracket. It is an elegant and discreet in its design strong and reliable and functional. You can adjust the pillar to different heights 180 mm, and 430 mm and the projector can also be angled to fit almost any need.The M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III holds your projector well suspended from the wall. It can carry projectors up to 15 kg's. The M Universal Projector Ceiling/Wallmount III is a simple yet a very elegant solution, strong, reliable and discreetly designed. The all white design makes the mount disappear when mounted to a white wall.


Modell Tak
Material Blikk
Maks. vekt 15 kg
Vridbar sideveis 360 °
Justerbar sideveis Nei
Justerbar i høyden Ja
Stativ følger med Ja
Slede følger med Ja
Tak/veggfeste følger med Ja
Lengde (min) 180 mm
Lengde (maks) 430 mm
Generell informasjon
Farge Hvit
Vekt 2 kg
Garanti 5 år Returneringsservice